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“… If you have bad credit, and you need a car loan, Pre-Owned Cars by the Dean is here to help you. At Pre-Owned Cars by the Dean, we understand the difficulties that consumers with poor credit face. We know that many lenders and auto dealers don’t even want to try to help …”

Pre-Owned Cars by the Dean: Your national connection source for bad credit auto loans.

Pre-Owned Cars by the Dean was established upon common American principles – those of honesty, hard work, and a helping hand for one’s fellow man. And here at Pre-Owned Cars by the Dean, just like the freedom and liberty with which this country was founded on, we believe there to be certain truths in the world of financing that are self-evident: that at times, people go through financial hardship… and simply need a little help to get back on the right track; and that poor economic situations often take a serious toll on the financial prosperity of many individuals.

Bad Credit is Situational

An incredible number of people are suffering through bad credit scores as a result of the “not-very-good” economy. And many times, poor credit is the troublesome aftermath of a difficult situation such as a job loss or illness. Regardless of the reason, transportation is a necessity in this world. And regardless of poor credit scores, you should be given the opportunity to fulfill this need… You surely aren’t a “wicked delinquent”, and shouldn’t be treated as one.

Often, lenders will deny honest, reliable people simply because those people have experienced trials that proved nearly impossible to bounce back from. And those people not only have a desire to escape from bad credit’s clutches, they are searching for a bad credit car loan to help with this need. Because of this, Pre-Owned Cars by the Dean was created with an established network of reputable lender and dealer affiliates who are trained to work with bad credit customers—even the ones with no credit or bankruptcy tainting their credit reports. Together, with our lender and dealer affiliates, we hope the end result is you driving off in the car you need while improving your credit score along the way.

A Bit of Information on Poor Credit Auto Financing

The reasons one may be stuck with a bad credit score vary greatly, and lenders do take that into consideration. Some situations that result in a sub-par credit score are viewed more favorably than others, and some are more easily forgiven in the eyes of a lender. Many times, you can pinpoint an event for which the bad credit was an unfortunate consequence. These disastrous circumstances could include a serious illness or injury, loss of employment from a long-standing job, or estrangement or divorce.

Generally, these events are out of our hands, and are disheartening enough. It can feel even worse to be treated like an irresponsible person when bad credit really was just an unfortunate product of your situation. But if any of these situations describes yours, lenders are almost certainly going to be more more forgiving of this, and more willing to work with you. However, your credit score prior to the life-altering event will be taken into consideration, your credit should have been good or fair before the incident caused it to drop. Should this be the case, lenders may choose to label you as a poor or fair credit risk instead of a bad credit risk, and poor credit auto financing can be within reach.

What You Need to Know About Second Chance Car Loans

We know these past few years, economically, have been rough. As a result, many people have become mixed up in unfortunate credit situations. To further those troubles, many of the people struggling with poor credit are in desperate need of a car or truck, and to be given a chance to improve their financial situation. There is hope: second chance auto loans are designed to do just that. Second chance auto loans, bad credit car loans, sub-prime auto loans all mean the same thing—they’re opportunities for people with bad credit to obtain financing, so that the car they need is within reach. These types of loans do tend to have higher interest rates than those of traditional car loans, but they grant bad credit car buyers with the second chance that they need, and that’s more than we can say of many traditional lenders who are simply unwilling to lend to people with bad credit scores. With sub-prime auto loans, customers are given the chance not only to drive off with the car or truck they need, but also to begin to take control of their credit situation once again—and in turn, their lives.

The Basics of No Credit Auto Loans

People without any established credit, or little established credit, may be offered what is called a “no credit auto loan”. Now, no credit auto loans are somewhat hard to come by, but not certainly not impossible. Again, there are specialists around who are experts in helping people with difficult credit situations, but they can’t help everyone. And keep in mind that finding a cosigner may be the only way to be approved for a no credit car loan. Regardless, there are a number of steps that you can take that may help improve your chances of no credit car loan approval:

Important Information on Bankruptcy Auto Loans

Generally, the bankruptcy auto loan process is similar to the bad credit car loan process. The few differences between the two usually depend on how the bankruptcy was executed and finalized.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is sometimes called a “liquidation bankruptcy” because assets may be liquidated to pay off creditors. Credit scores may vary greatly after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you choose to apply for a bankruptcy car loan, the court will appoint a trustee to decide whether or not to approve you for it. The trustee will ensure that all the debts have been paid within the required time frame. Keep in mind that Chapter 7 bankruptcies usually remain on your credit report for a full 10 years.

General Information About Bad Credit Car Loans

Customers who have only a little credit history, or those who have poor credit, usually have the option of applying for bad credit car loans. Poor credit can be a result of a number of things: unpaid bills, unsettled repossessions, forgotten medical bills, checks that too often bounce, bankruptcies, and other financial issues that may make creditors uncomfortable. To lenders, these issues usually signal a bad credit risk. If you’ve found yourself in these situations often, try your best to change those habits. Make a budget and stick to it. Continuing on the path that you’ve been on will presumably keep you in a never-ending loop of credit struggles, and only create more pain for you in the future. There is hope—we at Pre-Owned Cars by the Dean can help you figure out where to start. A bad credit auto loan can be a stepping-stone towards rebuilding your credit score. This, in turn, may lead you to financial freedom in the future.

Pre-Owned Cars by the Dean: Your Connection to Bad Credit Auto Loans, Bankruptcy Car Loans, and No Credit Auto Financing

We at Pre-Owned Cars by the Dean believe that we are a great online option to find bad credit car loans, poor credit auto loans, second chance car loans, and no credit car loans. Stop searching high and low for car loan lenders or dealers in your area who always seem to turn you down because of your credit situation—there’s no need for you to put yourself through all that hassle and embarrassment. You need a specialist in bad credit car loans, and that’s where Pre-Owned Cars by the Dean comes in. Our networks of lender and dealer affiliates have many experts in bad credit car financing, and people with bad credit are exactly the customers that they want to work with. Once you apply through our website, we will turn in every legitimate application to our to our network to try to get you a connection. We won’t filter certain applications out if bankruptcy, self-employment, poor credit, or other issues such as these. Every person is given a chance.